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Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing, 2nd Ed.

Norton Kiritz’s seminal work in the field of grantsmanship was updated and expanded by Barbara Floersch. Cathleen Kiritz was the book’s editor.

Norton Kiritz’s 1972 publication, Program Planning & Proposal Writing (PP&PW), changed grantseeking forever and established the field of grantsmanship. This seminal work established the model that is still the standard for developing proposals and that is used by many funders to develop application guidelines.

In 2006, in Kiritz’s obituary, The New York Times named PP&PW the “grantseekers’ Bible.” That small, game-changing publication has been used in 40 countries, published in four languages, and used by over 1 million professionals.

The updated, expanded edition of PP&PW resonates with the voice and vision of the original and is loaded with examples and checklists. It will help new grantseekers craft thorough, logical grant proposals and it will challenge experienced professionals to continuously examine the rigor of their work.

Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing updates the content of the original PP&PW and also addresses various new topics. A few examples include:

  • Concepts that will enable you to translate any funder’s application guidelines.
  • The eight interconnected elements of a logical argument for grant support.
  • How to develop a useful, doable evaluation plan by answering 8 crucial questions.
  • The parts and pieces of a thorough budget and different ways to calculate matching fund requirements.
  • Adapting the basic PP&PW proposal model for different types of proposals: arts & culture, capacity building, capital projects, general operations, planning, and research.

A Few Examples of Praise For Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing

There’s only one thing better than this book for someone who wants to learn how to secure grant funding–take the Grantsmanship Center training along with this book. Wallis Annenberg, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Annenberg Foundation

Before applying for any grant, read this book. The original was a masterwork that helped thousands of nonprofits. Now updated and expanded, this book is so easy to understand that it equips the most novice proposal writer to craft a request for grant funding. It will teach you how grantmakers think, how to avoid fatal mistakes, and how to achieve your organization’s goals. It’s worth its weight in gold. David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize-winning Investigative Reporter

This seminal guide, long considered one of the very best, is now freshly updated. The emphasis on strong program planning as integral to the proposal process really sets this work apart. This is one book that anyone and everyone who raises money for nonprofit efforts should have on their books helf. I’d hope that if I saw it there it would be well-read and more than a bit worn, because the advice and counsel is invaluable. Wendy Garen, President and CEO, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Chair, Board of Directors, Southern California Grantmakers

The main word that comes to mind with this book is “useful.” Useful is all we need and something we rarely find. The layout and the language are easy to follow and easy to read, yet convey a wealth of helpful information and excellent examples. Thank you for updating this treasure and making it available to another generation of grantseekers. Kim Klein, Author of Fundraising for Social Change

This book is an indispensable resource for even the most accidental of grant proposal writers. It acknowledges the importance of connecting organizational planning and proposal writing, and it is plain-spoken and elegantly written–clarifying the practice while bringing it down to earth. But what I most appreciate is that it integrates a treasure trove of how-to’s into an unflinchingly moral framework that places consulting with the nonprofit’s constituents as the first step in the right way to ask for money. Ruth McCambridge, President and Editor in Chief, Nonprofit Quarterly

There are scores of guides on grant proposal writing, but none that provide such thorough and practical help. No book can guarantee that you’ll get the grant, but this book will dramatically improve your chances of success. Joel J. Orosz, Former Program Director, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Author of The Insider’s Guide to Grantmaking